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While acupuncture refers specifically to the use of needles, Chinese Medicine includes several treatment modalities that complement the needles and can act as stand-alone treatments in certain situations.  Some of these modalities include:


In cupping therapy, glass or plastic cups are placed on the skin to create suction and help release fascial adhesions and promote blood circulation. Cupping is like a deep tissue massage, however instead of applying downward pressure into the body, cupping pulls up the skin and pulls fascia off muscles.  By creating space for blood and lymph flow, cupping helps loosen tight muscles and helps promote healing.  Depending on the specific condition, cups may be left stationary on the body for several minutes or may be moved around a larger area of the body.


Gua Sha is an ancient pain-relieving technique where a tool, such as a piece of bone or a ceramic spoon, is scraped against the skin to create petechiea, or raised red or purple spots caused by broken blood vessels.  Guasha increases blood circulation in the local area and can help stretch fascia and break up adhesions.  Guasha is similar to and, some say, the precursor to the modern Graston technique.  Today, some Guasha tools are made from stainless steel or other more modern materials.

Electrical Stimulation 

Electrical stimulation or electro-acupuncture, involves the application of electricity to needles to help relax hypertonic or tight muscles.  The electricity alters the signals responsible for muscle contraction and helps relax muscles.  This non-painful technique creates local tissue changes which aid in healing.  Electro-acupuncture has been demonstrated to reduce inflammation and to speed the healing time of damaged tendons and broken bones.

Tui Na 

Tui Na is a type of Chinese medical massage that utilizes Chinese medicine theory to stimulate acupuncture points and meridians.  While Tui Na is often used to treat internal medicine disorders, like other types of massage, Tui Na can also help break up fascial and muscular adhesions, relax hypertonic muscles and promote local microcirculation to help heal sore or injured tissues.

Foundation Training 

Foundation Training is a movement practice that teaches proper body mechanics and movement patterns. To counteract common physical adaptations to modern lifestyles (e.g. sitting for prolonged periods and looking at screens), Foundation Training helps realign the body and integrate muscle chains to promote healthy movement. Foundation Training can benefit everyone ranging from people suffering from chronic back pain to elite athletes looking to stay injury free and improve performance.

Please see the Foundation Training website for more information.


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